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Done correctly, Meditation acts to nourish our souls and ultimately can change our lives for the better. 

It is recommended that a beginner meditates with an experienced leader only, maybe within a group.

A guided meditation within a group setting can help the newcomer to focus and provide greater, more balanced energy. 

Some people can meditate well immediately, whilst others may take some time to master the techniques. With practice and perseverance most people can achieve inner calmness and peace of mind at some level.

Meditation will help you centre your energy, calm your mind and create discipline within your spiritual self it will therefore assist in your energy control so helping your psychic and mediumistic abilities.  

Done incorrectly, such as following the wrong youtube videos or meditating on your own without knowing the rules - meditation can create it's own problems.

The wrong meditations can open you up to levels that you are not ready for, or can allow your mind to wonder freely into imagination and the Ego driven realms.

Meditation is about focus and control, It can be a wonderful way to access the unseen world that surrounds us all. We can find our true inner-self, our peace, love and serenity. We can connect with those in the Spirit world who love us, we can also access our Guides and Helpers.

Uncovering these beautiful energies allows us to live our lives in a more contented, harmonious state.