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Spiritual Development

Next beginners course is feb 21st

Spiritual Development  

Tumbetin now offers a pathway for your Spiritual Development.

We welcome new people ready for psychic development and then spiritual development. Over the weeks of set exercises and experiences we prepare you for the next step in your journey of self discovery and understanding.

Following on from these foundations, we have a number of intermediate development and advanced groups where you can feel at home depending whatever your level or experience.

In a world that is full of physical and emotional hardships, there is a great need for us to find our 'Spiritual Self'. Our new development program will give you whatvever your ability, the opportunity to search for and find your inner peace and contentment.

If you are interested in developing your spiritual potential please call us.

Email or telephone us for further information 043 4646 777

 Important - Firm Foundations For Development
It is very important that any Spiritual development is based upon firm foundations of knowledge and understanding.  It is these initial rules and regulations set in place at the start of our journey that will assist us along the way, and make the whole experience more enjoyable.
Common Sense
The lessons that we learn at the early years of our development shape us for the many years after, and from the very beginning always take a common sense approach to everything learnt or practiced. At all times a down to earth state of mind must be maintained.  Spiritual unfoldment is a natural process, and should accompany a normal physically and mentally healthy  lifestyle. 
No Pre-conceived Expectations
Our spiritual development will be hampered if we over think or set in stone our expectations of attainment or success. Each person's journey is different and set expectations can sometimes pull us in the wrong direction and slow our development down.
Set Your Aims or Goals
Even though we have no pre set expectations, aims or goals are good as they move us forward. As these will tend to evolve and grow along with our development.
Have Trust
Throughout our physical and emotional development we must learn to be self sufficient for our own well being. During our spiritual development we must learn to trust our spiritual well being to our 'higher self' and our Guides.
Routine and discipline are vital to ensure safe and healthy spiritual unfoldment. It is good practice to initiate the same procedure each time that we engage in spiritual practices as this then acts as a trigger mechanism to our inner self and our natural protective mechanisms. 
It is vital that we set and maintain boundaries from the beginning for all spiritual practices. These must be strongly adhered to as establishing and keeping control of spiritual abilities in all situations is paramount to avoiding obstacles along our spiritual journey.
Our responsibility is not only to ourselves but it extends to everyone around us and to the realms of spirit and to this physical planet.
We must act with love and integrity at all times. When developing, we owe ourselves a duty to attain our spirituality in the correct way, follow the rules and be guided by love and light only. 
As our Spiritual gifts can give us an insight into other peoples personal lives, thoughts and feelings, we have to act responsibly. Personal privacy must be respected at all times, and it must be understood that unsolicited psychic or mediumistic readings for any reason are an invasion of a persons private space and must not be carried out.
We have a responsibly to our spirit guides and friends and so and the highest integrity must be maintained at all times.    
Spiritual Development should be enjoyable
and enlightening.
It adds meaning to our physical life.