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Spiritual Healing

SPIRITUAL HEALING - what is it? 

There are different forms of true Spiritual Healing, and all rely on the intervention of Healing Helpers from the realms of Spirit. In general a Spiritual Healer does not use their own energy to heal.

Energy transference healing and manipulation healing are other modalities of healing and generally have no external spirit intervention - these are not dealt with here.

There are also set rules and guidelines that Spiritual Healers should abide by.


With contact healing, the client sits on a chair, the healer (whose sole role is to be an instrument for the healing energies to flow through) stands behind the chair, gently places his/her hands on the patients shoulders with their permission and asks for spirit to allow healing energies to flow into client.  

Usually this form of healing takes between 7 - 10 minutes.


With absent healing the person requiring healing is not present. The healer joins their thoughts with their Healing helpers in the Spirit realms and asks for Healing for the sick person. Very little information is required for this form of Healing to be effective as it seems that our guides know what action is necessary and where it needs to go. 


This is usually carried out only by experienced healers either individually or as a team. Sometimes when a soul dies their spirit can get lost in the process of moving into the spirit world, Healing energies are required to make a link beween the two worlds and direct the lost soul into the spirit world where they can be reunited with their loved ones and find peace. 

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