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Tumbetin began its spiritual journey in 1976. It was founded by a group of people who had a dream to establish a spiritual organisation where knowledge could be shared and spiritual love and peace would prevail. 

The name 'Tumbetin' was chosen as it is Aboriginal word meaning to heal. The Tumbetin name represents the healing of mind, body and spirit.

In 1977 our first Public Meeting was held at Upwey Hall.  There was standing room only when approximately 250 people attended.

That meeting was a defining moment in Tumbetin's history.  The future direction of our activities had been set before us.   

Our centre in Upwey was purchased in 1986.  In 2002 extensive renovations were undertaken to expand our Centre so as to cater for groups of up to fifty people.  Many people worked very diligently in various fund raising activities to save up the deposit to buy our own premises and then to pay off our bank loan.  Among these fund raising activities were the convening of many Psychic Festivals.

Over the years Tumbetin has been likened to a beacon of light and love, drawing in people searching for a meaning to their lives, people spiritually alone and people just looking to share their thoughts and experiences.

Tumbetin is a place to meet new friends who have similar beliefs, somewhere to feel at ease without prejudgment or prejudice.

With such a rich history of service to spirit  and community, Tumbetin now looks forward to a new phase of growth and understanding. Progressively, Tumbetin will endeavor to provide it's members and the wider community with the best possible access to inner peace and understanding through spiritual development, meditation, workshops, and mediumship.     

Today at Tumbetin we offer a variety of  the activities including; meditation, healing, discussion and development groups. We hold clairvoyance events where members and the public can find proof of survival of life after death, and we also host regular student medium afternoons where local trainee mediums are given the opportunity to develop their abilities. 

At Tumbetin we wish to create an environment where people interested in self-development, are able to travel their journey in a time frame that best suits them.We believe that for those people who choose to share Tumbetin's journey ahead, there are stimulating and rewarding experiences awaiting you.

Tumbetin is an association of like minded people affiliated with the Victorian Spiritualist Union. We are a registered 'Not For Profit' organisation run by a voluntary committee.